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From Lahore Fort to Data Darbar streets of Bhati Gate to Anarkali
Bhati Gate. From Wikipedia ...
From Lahore Fort to Data Darbar, streets of Bhati Gate to Anarkali food street; my father made sure that Lahore's heritage was a…
View of Masjid Wazir Khan
Bhati gate lahore
Lahore Fort. From Wikipedia ...
Darbar-e-Aalia Sayyidi Data Ali Hujweri R.A Lahore, Pakistan Historical Architecture,
Delhi Gate, Lahore. From Wikipedia ...
Clockwise from the top: Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Museum, Badshahi Mosque
Data Darbar. From Wikipedia ...
Minarets of Masjid Data Darbar Lahore1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Islamic Architecture, Mosque
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Old architecture of a home in Walled city
Delhi gate, one of the doors of Walled city
In the old city of Lahore, from Fort to Data Darbar, streets of Bhati Gate to Anarkali ...
Masjid Art Data Darbar Lahore
Darbar-e-Aalia Sayyidi Data Ali Hujweri R.A Lahore, Pakistan
The Shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajvairi, Data Darbar in Lahore
Fort Road Food Street. From Wikipedia ...
Entrance to Sonehri Masjid
Data Darbar
Outlets on the Fort Road Food Street specialize in Lahori cuisine.
The Urs of Data Ganjbaksh has its own religious significance but at the same time it is also considered as Lahore's biggest cultural event. - Online
Data Darbar In Lahore
data darbar mazar lahore pakistan
Data Darbar Lahore Pakistan | The Data Darbar in Lahore is one of Pakistan's most important
The neighbourhood inside the gate features colonial and Sikh era architecture
36 hours in Lahore
Akbari Gate
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Bhati Gate
Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh Ali Hajweri Pictures
Badshahi Mosque. Badshahi Mosque. Lahore Fort
Tomb of Malik Ayaz in Walled City
Irfan 6
The Khizri Darwaza Lahore
The Gate exists no more
Walled City lahor
The Gate itself is non-extant
Badshahi Mosque with the Gurdwara Dera Sahib in the background.—Jahanzeb Hussain
Roads of the walled city of Lahore
Akbari Gate
Bhati Gate Lahore | بھاٹی دروازه ,
Shahi Fort
Tomb of Anar Kali Lahore.jpg · Tomb of Anarkali is located in Lahore
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Lahore and I
Lohari Gate, Lahore
Lohari Gate
A Pigeon sits on a roof of Data Darbar which is decorated with lights in connection
Plaque of the renovated lane fixed next to an old lamp. A view of the
How a visit to Baba Auliya's shrine in Karachi made me feel human again
Tea is an integral part of the people lives
It was called Bhati gate because it opens in the direction of Sandal Bar named after Rai Sandal Khan a Bhatti Rajput who lived there in ancient times.
Main Entrance of Masjid Wazir Khan
Mori Gate
Mochi Gate
If you are visiting Lahore or you are a resident, if you haven't seen the famous gates, it is like you haven't seen Lahore. The gates show the rich history ...
Akbari Gate
Bhatti Gate Walled city Lahore
Item seller in the streets of walled city.
Mochi Gate
Anarkali is one of the most-talked-about chapters of the Mughal history. In Lahore, the Tomb of Anarkali was constructed on the site where Anarkali was ...
Langar at Daata Darbar is a blessing for countless people
Pictures New Anarkali Bazar, Lahore نئی انارکلی بازار لاہور
Badshai Mosque
Delhi Gate - Inner Corridor
The people are humble, generous, and kind
P Risala2
Lahore banner.jpg
locality in Lahore, Pakistan
Bhati Gate Ride 09 02 2017
Fort Road, Lahore
Can we stop small-time terrorists?
Saleh Kamboh Mosque is a mosque located in Lahore in the Pakistani province of Punjab. The mosque was built by Muhammad Saleh Kamboh, a court historian ...
In fact this gate was a link between walled city and fort. It was double gate. Now day's only one side is available and this side is facing city.
The Kashmiri Gate and the Delhi Gate opened onto the high roads that ran between Lahore and those great places, and it was probably no coincidence that the ...
Kashmiri Gate, Lahore - Image: Kashmiri Gate 2
Pictures Data Darbar داتا دربار
Delhi Gate
Upside the gate, there is an archaeological styled building that is currently being used as a government school for girls. The gate also contains a number ...
Lohari Gate
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The Delhi gate is situated on eastern side of the Lahore city. It was built in mughal era. Akbar the great ordered its construction.
Main Entrance
Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila and its attractions
Bhati Gate